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BGG uses the term "subdomain" to roughly partition game genres. Each game has a user pool to categorize its "Type" (at the right side of the Description - click the histogram icon to vote). The current subdomains are:

  • Abstract Strategy Games (like Chess or Go)
  • Customizable Games (CCGs, CMGs, LCGs, etc)
  • Thematic Games (emphasis on narrative)
  • Family Games (fun for kids and adults)
  • Children's Games (best for younger kids)
  • Party Games (few rules, lots of laughs)
  • Strategy Games (more complex games)
  • Wargames (conflict simulation, etc.)

If a game's poll gets enough votes (apparently 5), and at least 30% of the votes are for a given subdomain, the game will be classed as that type. Thus it is possible for a game to be in up to 3 different subdomains (and this occasionally happens).

Each subdomain has its own set of forums for general discussion about that type of game. Currently the most active ones are Wargames and Abstracts. You can edit your Dashboard layout to include the Subdomains module to see these forums' activity, and like all forums, you can subscribe to them.

Advanced Search (upper right on most pages) lets you filter on Subdomains.

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