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Dominion: Sauna / Avanto Promo Card [Board Game Link] RSS Feed

Promo card "Sauna / Avanto" first distributed in Essen 2016 by German publisher ASS Altenburger.
Later available through the BGG store and again in a pack of promos for backing Game Boy Geek 2017 Kickstarter campaign

It's a split pile. Contains 5 copies of Sauna, 5 copies of Avanto, and 1 randomizer/placeholder

Sauna (Action - Cost 4 [coin])
+1 Card
+1 Action
You may play an Avanto from your hand.
While this is in play: When you play a Silver, you may trash a card from your hand.
Avanto (Action - Cost 5 [coin])
+3 Cards
You may play a Sauna from your hand.

Sauna/Avanto (Action - Cost 4[coin])
This pile starts the game with 5 copies of Sauna on top, then 5 copies of Avanto. Only the top card of the pile can be gained or bought.

Part of the Dominion series.

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