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Ancient Battles Deluxe: From Guts to Gunpowder [Board Game Link] RSS Feed

With grim-faced determination and sharpened sword, lead your troops through the greatest battles of history using the simple maneuver and combat mechanics that allow you engage in the decisive missile and melee combat that is Ancient Battles Deluxe.

Here players will find more than a great game, but a complete system using standardized pieces and rules that allows hearty warriors to recreate any number of pre-gunpowder and early-gunpowder era battles in a compact playing area over a short time.

Do you have what it takes to command an army in a desperate situation? Will your leadership be able to advance your line in good order or resist the shock of a barbarian charge? If your units falter and break, will you be able rally them once more unto the line, or will your army disintegrate into abject panic? Show us what it takes to maintain good order and cohesion amidst the chaos of battle long enough to vanquish the foe, break their spears asunder, and to stand gloriously amid the field of battle victorious!

Time scale: Each Game Turn equals 45 minutes.
Unit scale: Dozens to hundreds of men, beasts and equipment.

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