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Game Components:
  • Two 11" x 17" full color game maps
  • One 12-page, illustrated, color rules book
  • 261 full-color, mounted, die-cut square and round game pieces
  • Four scenario listing / game setup sheets
  • Two player aid sheets
  • One page of Designers Notes

Battles Included (Scenarios 1-8):
1. Kadesh (Hittites vs Egyptians, 1288 BC)
2. Leuctra (Thebes vs Sparta, 371 BC)
3. Chaeronea (Macedonia vs Thebes, 338 BC)
4. Granicus (Macedonia vs Persia, 334 BC)
5. Legnano (Barbarosa vs Pope Alexander III, 1176 AD)
6. Hattin (Crusaders vs Saladin, 1187 AD)
7. Arsouf (Saladin vs Richard the Lionheart, 1191 AD)
8. Bannockburn (Edward of England vs Robert the Bruce, 1314 AD)

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