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I am using this area to show how to format Wikipeda linkage/attribution

taken from the Video Game Guide to Data Entry

  • Wikipedia or StrategyWiki - ANYTHING taken from there must include a link back to Wikipedia (it is required by their license). This should be done using our wiki-formatting as:

[size=10]''Source: Wikipedia, "[ Wikipedia-Page-Title]," available under the [ CC-BY-SA License].''[/size]

If you need help with the attribution, we added a tool that can be found on the top of the description box, which will handle all of the formatting for you. Use it and you will save a lot of time.

Links (especially many Wikipedia links) may contain some "unsafe characters" which do not translate properly by the wiki markup. Use the %xx escape sequences below instead for the given character:

  • %21 ! (exclamation mark)
  • %23 # (number sign)
  • %24 $ (dollar sign)
  • %27 ' (apostrophe)
  • %28 ( (left/open parenthesis)
  • %29 ) (right/closing parenth.)
  • %2A * (asterisk)
  • %2B + (plus)
  • %2E . (period)
  • %5B [ (open square bracket)
  • %5D ] (close square bracket)


this link contains unsafe characters ( (left/open parenthesis) and ) (right/close parenthesis)
the conversions are
  • ( becomes %28
  • ) becomes %29

result: Source: Wikipedia, "FIFA (video game series)," available under the CC-BY-SA License.

result: Source: Wikipedia, "ASCII," available under the CC-BY-SA License.

bad result if you don't insert a space after the URL followed by the Article Title:
Source: Wikipedia, "," available under the CC-BY-SA License.

users can click the edit link to see the formatting, then click cancel

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