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Doctor Who Role-Playing Miniatures

These miniatures were released in conjuntion with the Doctor Who Role Playing Game produced by FASA in the mid 1980's. The minatures were designed by Citadel Miniatures (a subsidiary of Games Workshop).

In North America the miniatures were manufactured by RAFM but sold under the FASA brand only. This version of the miniatures came with integrated bases and were sold in small boxes with a TARDIS design, using the same graphic that appeared on the books in the first printing of the RPG core set.

In the UK they were sold by Citadel Miniatures, co-branded with FASA, in blister packs. These version came with hexagonal slota bases.

The combinations in the packages varied between the North American and UK versions. All the miniatures that were based on characters from the TV show appeared in both ranges, however the FASA range included several extra figures that were greated specifically for the game.

The FASA range, each set except the first is 3 figures:
9501 The Five Doctors
9502 Companion #1 (Sarah Jane, Leela, Adric)
9503 Daleks
9504 Cybermen
9505 Brigadier & U.N.I.T. Troopers
9506 Sgt. Benton & U.N.I.T. Troopers
9507 PC Time Lords #1
9508 Temporal Maurauders
9509 Ice Warriors
9510 PC Time Lords #2
9511 Master, Davros & Dalek
9512 Companions #2
9513 PC Time Lords #3
9514 Sea Devils

The Citadel range, each set contains 3 figures except where noted:
DW1 The Three Doctors
DW2 The Fourth Doctor, The Fifth Doctor, The Master
DW3 Daleks (2)
DW4 Cybermen
DW5 Ice Warriors
DW6 Unit: Sergeant Benson, Captain Yates, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Troopers (random assortment 3 of 5 possible figures)
DW7 Companions 1 - Adric, Leela, Sarah Jane
DW8 Davros, Engineer Dalek, K9
DW9 Time Lords
DW10 Sea Devils
DW11 Companions 2 - Jo Grant, Romana, Turlough

Also Citadel released a box set of plastic Daleks and Cybermen.


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