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What are tips?

Most posts on BoardGameGeek are your normal forum exchanges. A few posts among all those exchanges will be worthy of a "tip" (gift of GeekGold). A tip is identical to its real-life counterpart.

You might decide a user merits a tip for whatever reason. Maybe they helped you answer a difficult rules question or suggested a great idea for a game variant; maybe you think they made a good argument in some non-game-related discussion; maybe they created the perfect microbadge for you; maybe they told a joke that made you laugh; maybe you just have a few extra GeekGold burning a hole in your virtual pocket.

How to give a tip

You must have a positive GeekGold balance to tip another geek. Simply click the "Tip Jar" link located at the bottom left of the post. You will be taken to a screen where you will provide your username, password, amount, and an optional comment.

Please note that all tips are public knowledge. You can not give a secret tip.

How to find out where your tips (and other GeekGold) came from

To find out who tipped a specific post/photo/etc, click the green number that shows the number of thumbs or the gold number that shows the amount of GeekGold given in tips, and a popup will appear which shows who thumbed and tipped.

To find out where you got tips (and other GeekGold) from generally, go to 'My Geek', then 'GeekStuff'. In the section "GeekGold" click on the number Collected. That gives you a history of where all your GeekGold came from.

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